If you are having trouble hearing the show on the web and you are trying to play the MP3 Version:

First Please verify you are using the most up to date version of Windows Media Player.  Currently that would be Version 7.1 or higher

If the show seems to want to download rather then stream, try this:

Downloading the show can take well over an hour on a dial up computer.   You might want to print out this document and follow the simple directions!

  1. Click Start

  2. Click Programs

  3. Click Accessories

  4. Click Entertainment

  5. Click Windows Media Player

When the Media Player is open

  1. Click File

  2. Click Open URL

  3. Type or Copy/Paste into the OPEN box the show URL

What is a URL and how do I copy it?

A URL is the address to the web page or in this case the audio/video you want to listen to or view.

To copy the URL, go to the line/picture on the web page that has a link.  Right Click on the link, then click on Properties.

Find the Address (URL) line is will start with http://www.   To high light the whole address move your mouse to the left of the address, push the left mouse button and hold it down, then move the mouse to the right to high light the address, then let go of the left mouse button.  Now with your mouse over the high lighted address, right click, a box will appear, move the cursor down to Copy and left click.

Now go the Open box and do a right click, then move the cursor to Paste and left click and the address will appear in the open box. 

  1. Click OK

Stand by for a minute or two while the show is buffered (Partially Downloaded) and then set back and enjoy the show!

If the show plays in Starts and Stops:

Do the following after Media Player is open:

  1. Click Tools 

  2. Click Options

  3. Click the Performance Tab

  4. Under Network Buffering click the round button next to BUFFER

  5. In the little window next to buffer make sure the number is 5 or higher.

  6. Click OK and then try and play the show. 


This should allow your computer to load more of the show and reduce the starts and stops!