Local Fishing Trip Checklist

q  Rods retied and on the boat

q  Food and Drink on boat

q  Cell phone

q  Elbow Band

q  Sunglasses

q  Hat

q  Contacts in

q  Tape wrist

q  Put on Sun Screen!!!!



Pre launch

q  Plug in

q  Straps off

q  Motor-toter off

q  Life jackets on boat

q  GPS and Depth sounders in place

q  Rain gear and Helmets (if required)




q  Straps on

q  Plug out

q  Lifejackets in van

q  Rods put away and rod tie downs secure

q  Motor-toter on


Multi-day trip

q  Seats out of Van

q  Air mattress

q  Sleeping bags

q  Pillows

q  Ice chest

q  Boat oil

q  Fill truck with Gas

q  Contacts

q  Shaving Kit

q  Sunglasses

q  Sun Screen

q  GPS updated with map of the lake

q  Clothes

q  Hats

q  Camera

q  Cell phone

q  Cordless Drill

q  Map of the lake

q  Map/directions to lake/hotel/camp ground

q  Towels

q  Shampoo

q  2 crates with all my spares

q  Spare Trolling motor

q  Medicine



Food for Multi-day

q  Hot dogs

q  Bologna

q  Ketchup

q  Bread

q  Mustard

q  Ice

q  Drinks

qHard-boiled eggs